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Whether you’re dipping your toes into Indian cookery or you’re a curry enthusiast, the spice box will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

What are the features?

  • 25cm stainless steel premium quality spice tin with 7 compartments
  • Secure stainless ribbed lid with clear plastic insert – smooth edges!
  • Air tight to keep spices fresh
  • All spices are named and filled in individual zip seal bags. Our spice boxes are made to order to ensure freshness is maintained in every single box we send out
  • Spoon included for easy measurements (the exact design of the spoon may vary slightly from the photo)
  • 7 spices included

What spices are included?

  • Mustard seeds  – adds a wonderful flavour to veg or meat dishes
  • Turmeric powder  – adds mild aroma & bold colour to your dishes
  • Paprika powder  – adds colour, depth & warmth
  • Cumin seeds – brings a lovely nuttiness & to your cooking
  • Spice Club Garam Masala  – a fragrant & warm home-made spice blend. Whole spices, toasted & ground by us in small batches…made in Manchester!
  • Amchur (Sun-dried Mango Powder)  – adds a slight tartness & fruitiness to dishes. Brings amazing flavour to lentil & vegetarian dishes
  • Coriander seeds  zesty & flavourful…perfect in fried spicy snacks!



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